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Kavitha Gopalan

6 Predictions For How IoT Tech Will Affect Online Marketing And SEO
It’s an exciting notion for homeowners, businesses, and Internet surfers everywhere, but what would such a development mean for the world of online marketing? As IoT technology becomes more common in homes, keyboard entries may almost entirely disappear; devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are already starting to occupy a niche that allows users to give colloquial commands in a casual environment.
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Tripwire Survey: Few Are Prepared for IoT Security Risks
Security and compliance solution provider Tripwire released the results of its latest study, a survey of 220 security professionals who attended the recent Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas. When asked if their organizations were prepared to handle the security risks associated with the IoT, only 30 percent of them answered “yes.”
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Industrial Internet of Things: Insights from the Measurement and Control Show 2015, Tokyo, Japan
Frost & Sullivan research shows that the cross-pollination of ideas, technologies, and processes between the worlds of information technology and operations technology (IT-OT) is expected to form the crux of the fourth industrial revolution. The advent of advanced information and communications technologies (ICT) is likely to promote new interrelationships and interdependencies, giving way to unexpected business collaborations and partnerships in future. There is thus an increasing need for new value creation to realign synergies, partnerships, and collaborations across the vendor landscape.
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GE and Cisco face off over industrial IoT
Corporate giants are in an all-out race to dominate the widely coveted Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. Today, eight companies with market capitalizations over $150 billion actively promote IoT solutions: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, General Electric, AT&T, Verizon, IBM, and Cisco. When you take away the cloud, computing, and telecommunications players, you’re left with an interesting face off between General Electric and Cisco — both of which are targeting industrial IoT. The duel between the two giants is going to be interesting to watch, especially as they reinvent themselves in order to adapt to the IoT market.
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Where’s the money in IoT? Start with real-time data
When it comes to monetizing the Internet of Things’ vast network of sensors and activity logs, the assumption is there’s value in the data. Value, however, can be a highly subjective lens for crafting IoT’s ecosystem bound to overlap with nearly every industry imaginable. One company wants to make data more available within organizations, a goal directed at achieving real-time accessibility for building business applications and making faster decisions.
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5 Services Industries Accelerated by Internet of Things
Internet of Things connects the infrastructure and influences the way the service sector interacts with the industry infrastructure. Such industries generally engage with massive data, collect information and conduct analysis. This is where IoT will play a huge and important role. It will benefit the customers and the services sector too. Web development experts, IT professionals and Mobile Development Specialist around the globe are enabling such solutions through effective cloud, telematics integrated with IoT devices which are going to change the entire perspective of IT development.
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IoT Checklist: 5 First Steps For Solution Providers Breaking Into The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things requires channel companies to have a deeper understanding beyond technology – solution providers need to have a deep knowledge of their clients’ line of business.
“Solution providers need to specialize, at first,” said Alvarez. “Talk their [clients’] talk. Understand the terms they use. As your IoT practice gets bigger you can add more components.”
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IoT Likely To BeThe Next Big Thing For Qualcomm
According to a recent report, Qualcomm holds the top spot in a ranking of the total number of Internet of Things patent holders. It also leads with regard to the number of high strength patents held. Currently, the company garners most of its income by selling modem chipsets and by collecting licensing revenues from from its very strong hold CDMA and 4G LTE technologies. However, the fact that Qualcomm holds highest number of essential patents in the IoT technologies indicates that it is betting high on the growth of IoT market. Below we discuss the key reasons as to why Qualcomm is ramping up its investments in developing IoT technologies.
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