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Kavitha Gopalan

How The Internet Of Things Makes Dumb Devices Smart
The real business potential to add value through IoT doesn’t lie in the sensors or the networks that connect them. It exists in the potential of real time big data analytics to transform business operations and improve our lives. Big data analytics and machine learning will deliver personal and business insights and will enable us to make immediate decisions based on that data – rather than relying as we have in the past, on guesswork or out-of-date forecasts.
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Cisco, Salesforce partner on Internet of Things
Cisco and Salesforce are partnering to align collaboration, Internet of Things, and contact center technologies. Specifically, the two companies will jointly develop and market products that combine Cisco’s Spark and WebEx into Salesforce’s Sales and Service Clouds. The integration will integrate chat,video and voice features. More importantly, Cisco’s Jasper IoT platform will integrate with Salesforce’s IoT cloud. The combination should give Salesforce’s Einstein artificial intelligence platform more data and visibility.
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IoT Success: Sharing Data, Analytics Fuels Growth
The issues of IoT data and what to do with it is the focus on a recent report from the MIT Sloan Management Review titled, “Data Sharing and Analytics Drive Success With IoT.” The key to using IoT data, whether it’s internal or shared with the outside world, is having good analytics capabilities. However, this is where the supply of knowledgeable technology talent becomes critical.

Our survey found the two most common challenges for deriving value from IoT were in the area of data analytics, specifically handling and analyzing the resulting data from IoT devices. The next most common challenge was the need to increase their IoT talent base. These capabilities aren’t yet widespread; this year’s MIT Sloan Management Review analytics report classifies 49% of organizations as analytically challenged.
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Why Intel Is Betting High On The IoT Market
As Intel’s PC sales have slowed, it has increased its focus on the IoT segment, which is considered to be the next big driver for the semiconductor industry. IoT accounts for less than 5% of Intel’s revenue at present, though we forecast the revenue contribution will almost double over the next five years. This scenario is quite likely considering that the company has been significantly expanding its IoT portfolio through acquisitions.
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Largest DDoS attack ever delivered by botnet of hijacked IoT devices
A giant botnet made up of hijacked internet-connected things like cameras, lightbulbs, and thermostats has launched the largest DDoS attack ever against a top security blogger, an attack so big Akamai had to cancel his account because defending it ate up too many resources.An IoT botnet generating this much traffic is a bellwether event that Ellis says will take some time to analyze to come up with more efficient mitigation tools.
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Which vendors are winning the fight for Internet of Things supremacy?
As outlined in Technology Business Research findings, commercial IoT ecosystem revenue grew 18.3 per cent year-to-year in 2Q16, with cloud services remaining the industry’s fastest-growing segment year-to-year at 67.2 per cent due to vendors’ evolving need for platforms, processing and storage.

According to research, vendors with incumbencies in IT and consulting are the leaders, with IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cisco and Microsoft emerging as the top four
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Complementary Technologies Enabling Effective IoT Solutions.
These IoT based deployments / solutions can be realized using variety of technologies. Every technology comes with its own unique advantages, but it is important to note that each of them also has some disadvantages. The solution deployments are highly effective when complementary technologies are used together.
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