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Kavitha Gopalan

AI Comes to Work: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Business
AI has been around for decades— and experts say the rumors of a forceful robotic takeover are exaggerated.X“Instead, they see AI as an indispensable tool for supporting humans in virtually every aspect of life, especially in commercial applications. To find out more about how AI is rolling out in business and how it might develop in the future, Business News Daily spoke to industry insiders about the evolution of artificial intelligence.
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Verizon acquires Sensity Systems to add LED light control to its IoT platform
While Verizon continues to work towards closing its acquisition of Yahoo to boost its media and consumer Internet business (which also includes ownership of AOL, which owns TechCrunch), the company has made another acquisition to keep building out its enterprise services, too. The carrier has bought Sensity Systems, a startup based out of Sunnyvale (also home to Yahoo!) that has built solutions to help businesses and others convert older lighting systems to connected LED systems, making them controllable remotely. This is a straight push for Verizon’s wider Internet of Things “smart city” business, ThingSpace, which will integrate Sensity’s business and technology.
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The smart ice cubes that tell bar staff to order you another drink
The Internet of Things might be about to disrupt a bar near you – and solve a problem you’re likely to have faced time and time again.MARTINI, the world’s leading vermouth and best-selling sparkling wine maker, is trialling the MARTINI Smart Cube.
The concept is simple. A barman places a MARTINI Smart Cube in your drink when serving. The ice cube-shaped device, which is 3D printed, then bobs around until your drink is finished, at which point it senses the lack of liquid and alerts the bar staff, ordering you a fresh glass.
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How Terrorists Could Hijack the Internet of Things
There are already thousands of vulnerable vehicles on today’s roads. Computer researchers Chris Valazek and Charlie Miller have been demonstrating how to hack various car models for years, including a famous 2013 Today Show segment, and a 2015 demonstration in which they took control of a Jeep traveling along a highway at 70 mph with WIRED writer Andy Greenberg inside. Miller has calculated that as many as 471,000 existing vehicles have some exploitable computer vulnerability.
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MasterCard talks Internet-of-Things, Blockchain, payment experience and partnerships
Navigating the digital maze…presents huge opportunities for all businesses including MasterCard, but it also presents some traps that we need to be aware of and we need to deal with as we evolve our businesses

So, winning in digital is extremely complex irrespective of the business that you’re in and certainly not just the case of migrating what you do in the physical world today and making it work online. It’s a lot more complex than that. We’ve an extremely complex and comprehensive digital strategy.
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How to choose your IoT Platform Architecture?
There are more than 300 IoT platforms in the market today and the number is continuing to grow. However, as discussed not every platform is the same – IoT platforms are being shaped by varying entry strategies of different companies trying to capitalize on the IoT potential. Innovative Startups, hardware and networking equipment manufacturers, enterprise software and mobility management companies are all competing to become the best IoT platform on the market.
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IoT Gives a Face Lift to Mobile Gaming
Another way in which IoT can impact online gaming is through amalgamation with the experience of physical gaming. This isn’t only applicable to casinos but to any game platform which shares a player tracking system. With the kind of games played in casinos nowadays, only the operator generates revenue provided the player is present physically. To reassure this, customer outreach programs and marketing managers spend ample time toboost players to return to the casinos by offering them various reward programs.
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